Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Milk+Bookies - Read Give Grow!

My amazing friend Meredith Alexander has a program called Milk + Bookies!  Go to http://www.milkandbookies.org/ and see how you can get involved with this incredible organization!
Giving Is Nice


It’s what Milk+Bookies is all about, spreading the love of reading to those who can’t afford books of
their own.


Well, that AND service learning. Milk+Bookies teaches kids the importance of giving, and instills in them self-confidence, pride and a sense of goodwill – all wonderful byproducts of the Milk+Bookies brand of philanthropy.


So how does Milk+Bookies foster literacy and service learning? By providing all of the tools, resources, support and instruction required for anyone to host their own Milk+Bookies parties. At these “book-raisers,” children are invited to choose, inscribe and donate books to their local peers in need and want of appropriate reading material.

Leaders + Readers

A continuation of our “Read! Give! Grow!” philosophy, Leaders + Readers is a program designed to encourage student volunteers in the Los Angeles community to organize book drives to benefit another Los Angeles based “sister” school.
The goal of every Leaders+Readers Book Drive is to flood underserved Los Angeles schools with books to support learning and academic excellence AND allow students to gain experience with leadership and community service. In the 2014-2015 school year, we were able to raise 55,800 books!
Email bookdrives@milkandbookies.org to find out how YOUR school can become a host or recipient with Leaders + Readers!!

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